Feel completely supported as you take your business to a higher level. Have you hit a  point in business where you know you can generate more profit yet your wondering how you could possibly put in any more hours? 

Let me tell you, you are on the verge of a very exciting time within your business. It is NOW time to generate that profit you deserve.

Business Mentoring

If you are a business owner, then you are a leader. Being the best version of yourself, creates an extraordinary leader that attracts success!

If you need more profit, more time, then leadership coaching is for you.

With coaching you will get clear on exactly where your business is heading.

Through working together, you will be guided step by step achieving your goals while taking care of any obstacles that come your way.

You will become the best version of yourself, which will provide results not only through your business but in all areas of your life.

Through working together, you can expect:

☑ Certainty of where your business is heading

☑ Blueprint of what it’s going to take

☑ Uncover what is really holding business back

☑ Understanding of yourself

☑ Awareness of what needs to change first

☑ Attract clients that are a match for you

☑ Increase profit

☑ Enjoy running your business

Leanne is fantastic, she listens and takes in what you are saying, and calls you on your thinking which is so valuable! Having someone who is open, honest, and absolutely has your best interests at heart is something I think we all crave. In the sessions with Leanne, I was able to shift patterns and mindset gaps within the hour and we always had time for a giggle. I highly recommend Leanne to anyone seeking a mindset shift so they can create the life they truly want.

Sasha Dumaresq, Sydney, NSW

Business Consultant, Mind Love Co


Are you a Manager or Leader with in an organisation?

If you have all these aspirations of where you are wanting to take your team and business, yet you haven’t quite  broken through to make it happen faster and more efficently, then leadership mentoring is designed for you.

☑ Learn how to impact your team to create extraordinary results

☑ Learn the different levels of leadership

☑ Explore your style in detail and excel


☑ Learn a framework that can be applied to every decision for instant clarity

☑ Understand your teams needs

☑ Provide successful frameworks to your team to follow easily

☑ Create a dynamic culture people respect

Learn how to lead with precision and passion. Leadership is not luck, it’s a learnt skill that can take any business forward to their desired outcome. Let me show you the steps.

Leanne is the real deal. I arrived with no clue of how I was self sabotaging, but then right from the very first session I was making huge break throughs. I’m amazed at how much this has changed my mindset and business.

Everyone has something holding them back. I highly recommend you get in touch with Leanne so you can make the break through you need.

Danny Watkins - Boss Transformations, Sunshine Coast, QLD


Let’s work together and build a team you can trust.

Through firstly working with the business owner one on one, we can clearly identify the outcome that is desired for the business. Knowing the outcome, proven strategies will be put in place and delivered to the entire team to build a solid foundation.

Through thorough facilitation with the team, any hidden roadblocks or personal obstacles will be overcome and a joint solution will be put in place.

For business owners and team leaders who are looking for a deeper level of staff development which in turn provides bigger revenue. Inspire Your Focus  offers individually tailored mentoring and facilitation which is highly effective in bringing about lasting, significant and positive change.

We place business owners and team leaders back in the driver’s seat of their business, with the right tools to take them further quicker.

Team leadership is the success that your company needs

Leanne is a very approachable, warm and genuine person who offers professional and high quality mindset services to help humans with blockages or restrictions. It was truly empowering undertaking the service and has unlocked greater potential for my professional business coaching delivery to my clients.

I now recommend my clients to Leanne to help them achieve their true potential and increase their abilities.

Eddie Anderson, Business Coach @ Biz Focused, Sunshine Coast,QLD

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