Elevate your business to unprecedented heights with steadfast support that breaks through any barriers. If you find yourself at a plateau, sensing the untapped potential for greater profit but uncertain how to expand without stretching your hours thin, rest assured—you’re not alone. This moment in your entrepreneurial journey is crucial, filled with opportunity. Now, seize the chance to harness that potential and turn it into the profits you’re truly capable of earning. Let’s unlock this exciting chapter of your business together.

Business owners mentoring

Jump into a game-changing journey with our Business Owners Mentoring Program. Created with the Aussie entrepreneur in mind, this program is your go-to companion for not just polishing your business skills but also achieving lasting growth and success.

At Inspire Your Focus, we get it – it’s not about knowing it all. It’s about teaming up with trusted professionals you can rely on. That’s where we excel. Let’s light up the way to your business dreams, together.

Leadership mentoring

Tailored for those steering the ship, our Leadership Mentoring initiative is crafted for leaders looking to refine the skills that set them apart. It’s about fine-tuning your vision, aligning strategies with goals, and igniting your team’s peak performance.

At Inspire Your Focus, we know leadership is a journey of self-improvement. It’s not just about having all the answers; it’s about becoming the kind of leader others want to follow.

Business Owners

As a business owner, you’re not just managing; you’re leading. Unleashing the best version of yourself transforms you into an extraordinary leader, naturally drawing success your way!

If you’re craving more profit and time, leadership mentoring is your key.

With mentoring, clarity about your business’s direction becomes crystal clear.

Through our collaborative journey, you’ll be expertly guided, conquering goals while addressing any obstacles in your path.

Becoming the best version of yourself will yield results not only in your business but across all areas of your life.

Leanne is fantastic, she listens and takes in what you are saying, and calls you on your thinking which is so valuable! Having someone who is open, honest, and absolutely has your best interests at heart is something I think we all crave. In the sessions with Leanne, I was able to shift patterns and mindset gaps within the hour and we always had time for a giggle. I highly recommend Leanne to anyone seeking a mindset shift so they can create the life they truly want.
Sasha Dumaresq, Sydney, NSW

Business Consultant, Mind Love Co

Leadership Mentoring

Are you a Manager or Leader within an organisation?

If you aspire to take your team and business to new heights yet haven’t quite broken through to make it happen faster and more efficiently, then leadership mentoring is designed for you.

Discover how to lead with precision and passion. Leadership isn’t luck; it’s a learned skill that can propel any business toward its desired outcome. Let me guide you through the steps.

Leanne is the real deal. I arrived with no clue of how I was self sabotaging, but then right from the very first session I was making huge break throughs. I’m amazed at how much this has changed my mindset and business.

Everyone has something holding them back. I highly recommend you get in touch with Leanne so you can make the break through you need.

Danny Watkins - Boss Transformations, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Leanne is a very approachable, warm and genuine person who offers professional and high quality mindset services to help humans with blockages or restrictions. It was truly empowering undertaking the service and has unlocked greater potential for my professional business coaching delivery to my clients.

I now recommend my clients to Leanne to help them achieve their true potential and increase their abilities.

Eddie Anderson, Business Coach @ Biz Focused, Sunshine Coast,QLD



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