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Day Care / Child Care Centres

Running a successful day care centre takes strong leadership and a cohesive team. Sure, there are all of the processes that are involved too. These include staffing, planning activities, maintaining standards, adhering to regulations, and having the equipment available to educate and entertain the children your team cares for.

Communication is critical to maintaining a well-balanced child-care centre. The way you as the business owner, or team leader communicate to your staff will have a large impact on how well they perform.

The way you communicate to parents will also dictate how happy they are as clients in your business.

We can help you build a professional team that is also fun and energetic when they need to be. In this industry, a cohesive team plays a huge role in both staff retention and client retention alike.

Along with Leadership mentoring, we have a long history in working with parents. You can view our ‘Inspire Your Parenting’ website, to learn more about the work we have done helping parents to lead a happy household here.

For the leaders within the educational sector, we can take the entire team through the Meta Dynamics Profiling program and then work with them to identify the strengths the team currently has.  Identify the gaps that are currently getting in the way of a dynamic fun culture. People thrive in a supportive, professional yet fun culture. Through facilitation,  this type of culture is available for your organisation.  

If you own a Day Care Centre and would like to work with a leadership coach on The Sunshine Coast that can help grow your business while eliminating headaches, then contact us today. We can meet and discuss the current pros and cons of your business and create an actionable plan to make it better.


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