Business Coaches

We know what it is like to be a business coach. For many coaches, perhaps like yourself, you are often looking for a way to improve your skills and increase client retention.

The Meta Dynamics Profiling Tool we can share with you, can improve the productivity of any business mentor that is willing to reflect on the results and act accordingly. It is designed to identify the four main categories of thinking. Participants can then see where they spend most of their thinking time, and where there day to day efforts go.

With this knowledge they become empowered to implement change. The changes they can make vary, depending on how they have been behaving and what outcomes mean the most to them.

After identifying how their thoughts, communication or energy in their business should be spent, they can then achieve the true goals they have in mind faster than before.

When it comes to business coaches, they are no different from every other business owner or professional. We are all human. I have met many businesses coaches, who even when they are successful, don’t have the time, freedom or personal satisfaction they hoped their business would provide.

Completing the Meta Dynamics Profiling tool and offering it to your clients is a great way to move closer to the business goals you have.

Most businesses coaches also have mentors of their own. Almost all great leaders know that continuing to learn and to adopt new proven strategies that benefit them is critical to staying ahead in their industry. Especially in todays ever quickening environment.

Contact me, Leanne Zecchinati to talk about how we could work together and keep you professional and personal life on the front foot.


You don’t have to be great to start,

but you do have to start to be great!