Leanne has always had a passion for getting the best result!

Inspire Your Focus (IYF) was created to provide people with a clear pathway to transform their lives from where they are now to where  they truly want to be.

Leanne’s career took an interesting turn with her being asked to write a parenting program to help transform the foundations of peoples lives. After accomplishing her goals in this field by creating a very successful program,  it was time for Leanne to expand even further with a second business.

Leanne now works with businesses owners and teams  to create more revenue.  Teaching owners how to get the maximum rewards out of their business with the least amount of frustration, overwhelm or even exhaustion. With proven methodologies through Extended Disc and Meta Dynamics and many more this has proven to be a huge success.

Now Leanne runs both businesses – Inspire Your Parenting  (https://inspireyourparenting.com.au) as well as continuing Inspire Your Focus as Leadership Mentoring.

She works with businesses all over Australia, providing a system that shows them they can create  success. More importantly reigniting them to an amazing life within business and/or family. Giving them more time, money and freedom.

Isn’t that why you  really went into business.

She absolutely loves how she can help an individual in all areas of their lives. She has noticed that if one of these areas are not functioning to the best of its ability, both are affected.

Thank you Leanne for your amazing sessions. It is amusing to think that as I stumbled into our first meeting, that like many working mothers – I was running at high speed through a never ending “to do” list.

Through your guidance, you were able to challenge my mindsets and make me understand what my true qualities are. Even though some sessions, were challenging and ended up in a few tears, it was beautiful how you guided me to re-frame my thoughts.

Your sessions helped me realise how we can be too focussed on pleasing others, rather than just being ourselves and trusting our gut.

I now feel much lighter, happier, self-aware and feel the strength to be able to deal with anything that comes my way.

I now feel that I am now in the right place to be able to to give more to my family, be a better person and focus on my own personal business goals.

Thank you for enlightening me….

Deborah Brown, Buderim, QLD

Financial Planner, Wealth 21

I have so much gratitude for the time I have spent with Leanne.
It still amazes me that in one hour Leanne was able to remove beliefs and feelings I had carried for a very long time that were keeping me stifled and unable to experience consistency in my growth, development and even energy levels, which was having a massive impact on my business, my family and on me. I could not maintain enough belief in myself and appreciation for myself to keep the energy levels and motivation to keep going forward in all areas of my life. It was exhausting and I often felt quite sad and heavy.
Since my simple, and very fun 1 hour with Leanne, the heaviness has gone and I am experiencing myself in a stronger, more consistent and confident self. I have more compassion, understanding and forgiveness for myself allowing me to reduce the pressure I put on myself and I have so much more motivation and lightness in my heart which is giving me what I need to keep moving forward consistently regardless of the setbacks or challenges that present themselves.
Leanne has showed me how to value, appreciate and champion myself again and just how truly capable, passionate and fun I am.
Loving life, rocking out in business!

Thanks Leanne

Alyson Hawkins, Tamworth, NSW

Business & Transformational Coach, Ignite Your Life Coaching


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